Cauldron Brewing | Queensland’s Newest Brewery

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Cauldron Brewing

Craft Beer has risen in popularity over the recent years with many enjoying the experience of tasting new independent beers and enjoying visiting the very place they are made.

Queensland’s Newest Craft Brewery is set to be established in Hervey Bay as the Council has recently approved Cauldron Brewing.

It took about two years to find the perfect site for the new Brewery however approval was recently given for Cauldron Brewing to open at 2-6 Boat Harbour Drive, Hervey Bay.

The approved site will be converted into a brewpub with a commercial kitchen and retail showroom after an $800,000 investment that will cater to craft beer fans in the Hervey Bay region.

Cauldron Brewing is set to open at the height of Whale Season in August 2020.

Find Cauldron Brewing in Hervey Bay. Check out their Facebook Page.

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