Exploring Australias Tallest Waterfall, Wallaman Falls

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Australia’s tallest waterfall, Wallaman Fall’s is hidden away in Tropical North Queensland.

Wallaman Fall’s has a massive 268-meter drop making it Australias tallest waterfall and can be found about two and a half hours north of Townsville Queensland.

After discovering Wallaman Fall’s, It was time to pack up the camera and make the trip to see Australia’s tallest waterfall hoping to capture some amazing landscape pictures and the iconic view at the top of the waterfall.

The two and a half-hour drive to Wallaman Fall’s is quite nice and you visit small country Towns and drive past endless sugar cane farms.

Eventually, you begin the elevation up the mountain range and start to be surrounded by cloud cover.

Unfortunately upon reaching the top of the waterfall, It was evident that Photography may have to wait. The whole area was covered in cloud and the main viewing deck was completely blank white, but luckily there is a hike down to the bottom of the Falls.

Hiking down to the Fall’s took about one hour. The hike starts off with sealed paths, stairs and chain handrails however it quickly becomes rock and mud. The hike may appear daunting however even with partial raining, the path remained sturdy and was not slippery.

Upon reaching the bottom of Australia’s tallest waterfall you immediately feel just how powerful Wallaman Fall’s is and forget about how tired you are.

  Wallaman Falls, Australias tallest waterfall.

There is an amazing viewing deck at the bottom and you could easily spend hour’s taking it in.

From the viewing deck, keen Photographers can explore closer to the waterfall however it is strongly recommended to stay on the paths in wet weather.

Once you have captured a few images and taken a break, it is time to start hiking again. It only took about 45 minutes to get back to the top and actually feels easier the trip down.

Some recommendations to make your trip to Australia’s tallest waterfall a little bit more enjoyable are below.

Wallaman Falls, Queensland

  • Plan your trip for a clear day.
  • Leave early and arrive early to avoid the crowds.
  • Visit during the winter months to avoid the North Queensland heat.
  • Back a small to medium-sized backpack.
  • Carry a dry bag for your camera.
  • Only bring a light tripod.
  • Bring plenty of water and snacks.
  • Bring towels, a raincoat and an umbrella.
  • Consider camping the night.

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